Week 11: Curation Spaces

I always like the videos with great graphics! This is an excellent video on the overview of the growth mindset and what effect praise can have on a child. I wonder what happens when I talk to my two year olds at LifeKids and how that impacts them. 

Wow, wow, wow, this video was extraordinary! For my readings next week, I will have to watch more videos by him. I want to watch this one over again. There are so many statements I would love to write down and capture for my reading diary. I highly suggest watching this. 

Growth Mindset Meme Source
This is so true and something I need to work harder on remembering this semester. 


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  1. Josh, just a quick note to say I am so glad you watched that video. Isn't Devdutt amazing? The more I read/watch of his stuff, the more impressed I am. From an Indian used bookstore I bought a copy of his Secrets of Calendar Art and it FINALLY arrived this week so I am going to write up some reading guides to those videos. They are pretty dense but really powerful, and I think it will help when I write up the reading guides. My goal is to do that on Saturday: fingers crossed. I was so excited when the book finally arrived!!!